October 12th, 2003, a new federation was founded – International Federation Aesthetic group Gymnastics (IFAGG). The federation was founded in order to continue promoting the sport of AGG internationally.

Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (AGG) has been recognized internationally as a competitive sport since 1996.
The origin of this sport stretches back into ancient Greece and the concept of natural flowing body movement has inspired the development of AGG.

European countries such as Finland and Estonia have been nurturing, developing, practicing, and promoting this sport for over 100 years and have had competitions since the 1950s.

The first international competition was held in Helsinki, Finland in 1996. During the following three years of successful international competitions, the idea of establishing a world championship competition was born.

June 2000 the first World Championships became a reality in Helsinki, Finland. Successive World Championships have been held since in Tallinn, Estonia in 2001; in Prague, Czech Republic 2002; in Graz, Austria 2003; in Sofia, Bulgaria 2004; in Copenhagen, Denmark 2005; in Tampere, Finland 2006; in Varna, Bulgaria 2010; in Tartu, Estonia 2011; in Cartagena, Spain 2012; in Lahti, Finland 2013; in Moscow, Russia 2014; Torshavn, Faroe Islands 2015; Brno, Czech Republic 2016 and Helsinki, Finland 2017.

Fifteen countries have been participating in these World Championships since its inception. Each year, there are numerous countries around the world developing and practicing this sport eager to participate in future championships, and the numbers are continuing to grow.

There is a bright and successful future ahead for this beautiful sport.

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